July 4, 2010

WINNERS ~ of my Fairy Giveaway ~

Fairy Giveaway Packages belong to 3 lucky winners. They are :

1st - Naelah Nordin
2nd - Florence Yip
3rd - TiefaZatie

I'm really sorry for this late annoucement for my very first time fairy giveaway. I was crazily busy for tons of office works, handi works and houseworks. Well, I've never finish them nor yet intend to.... :)

A note to the winners, please email me your shipping address and your blog (to make sure it is you), and I'll TRY to send the Goodies as soon as possible! Thank you.

And I would like to say Thank You to all the friends who has joined my giveaway. I do, I do, I really do appreciate your time and effort for doing all the steps. And PLEASE Stay tune for my Next Fairy Giveway!

email: dreamcatcherfairy@hotmail.com