May 29, 2011

托特包~ Novelty Prints Tote Bag

I've made this cute little tote for my kids to keep their stuff for outing. I would keep 2 cardigans, water tumblers and a plushie - Patrick in this bag.

特地做了个可爱的托特包来装小孩外出用的外套,水瓶和狗宝贝。平时出门都用商家送的‘大’环保袋,感觉真的有点怪怪的……。 那天心血来潮就用了这块Novelty Prints 的布缝了个圆型底部的特托包, 不大也不小……还真的很好用哦!

Here is my son's baby - Patrick.

May 15, 2011

胖龟兄妹针插 ~ Fatty Turtle Pinchusion

Recently I'm in love with the making of Fatty Turtle Pincushions. The colourful shell with patchwork styled is called Henry, and the sister is Henrietta with pastel blue patchwork shell. They will be perfect toys for your child or as a decorative ornaments in your home (if you don't have the heart to poke them with needles/pin).... :)

Thanks to H. Bailey for this wonderful creation & pattern. It is for sure a brilliant & easy sewing instruction & pattern....and I just LOVE It SO MUCH!

They are trying to escape from my home this early morning because they don't want to be my pincushion.....