February 28, 2011

Iphone Pouch 手机套

Iphone's Pouch



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February 22, 2011

A Large Pencil Pouch

Finally I'm done with this Pencil Pouch!

This lovely mermaid printed fabric came all the way from Taiwan. My sincere thanks to Emma.

I used washable craft paper fabric with my girl's name on it (just in case she lost it someday), embellished with small fabric covered button in order to add little bit of cuteness to this pouch.

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February 17, 2011

Coin Pouch ~ 零钱包

~ Sweet Birdie Coin Pouches ~

其实,我只是要缝1个零钱包给女儿装她的零用钱……结果……我却疯狂的缝了很多很多个零钱包。  还有一堆还没完成的……但,我又埋头在另一个手作了。

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