February 23, 2010

Primitive Hair Clips ~ 乡村小兔发夹

They are my latest works ~ Primitive Bunnies Hair Clips ~ . I was busy making 2 bunny hair clips (2 weeks ago) for my girl so that she could wear them during this Chinese New Year. But, I have ended up making a bunch of them....haha. I just love the way they have turned out and can't help myself to make more and more....

这几天都在忙着做这些乡村型的小兔子发夹。 原本只是想为女儿赶做两个兔子发夹,好在新年期间可以佩戴……那知道不知不觉的做了一堆出来。 有几个已经被朋友给买回家了,有的已送给了小朋友……就剩这几个自己最喜欢的了。 不过,我还会继续缝制这乡村型的小发夹、钥匙扣或手机吊饰等,因为这过程实在有趣!

喜欢吗? 哈哈……那就快快带只回家吧!

Floppy Ears Bunnies

Dotted Ears Bunnies

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CellPhone Ornaments or KeyChain

These babies were born last month together with some of the custom order. Today, I manage to to get them some photo shots and share them here.

They are made by felts and no pattern is used in creating them. They are 100% One of a kind with different expressions. They can be a Cell Phone Ornaments or KeyChain, all you need to do is to change the top straps to a key ring.


喜欢吗? 那就快快把她们带回家吧!

Western Girls

Asian Girls

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Flower Girl Headband

This is the Flower Girl's Headband that I made for my little girl & niece to wear on my sister's wedding day - 8th November 2009 at Arizona, United States.

我为女儿和侄女特制了两个一模一样的花童头饰带, 好让她们可以在三姨的婚礼上出尽风头! 她俩穿上一样的礼服配上一样的头饰,感觉还不错……蛮可爱的。

February 5, 2010

Primitive Country Ornies

Recently I'm having a strong feeling towards primitve crafts & deco. So....here they are....A Country Bunny & A Rag Girl! They are just about palm size and perfect as a brooch on your bag or as bowl fillers.
I have made quite a number of them and each of them is one of a kind. Anyone interested in adopting them?

My sad rag doll....
Funny Black Cat...

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February 3, 2010

Stanley, Judy & Elleandra

This handsome big bear - Stanley just came all the way from England. He is created by a very talented artist ~ Lee Jenkins. Stanley is made by quality short dense mohair with five way coated pin joints and filled with fibre & plastic pellets. Well, his is very saggy and heavy too!

He measures about 23" tall and has a very sweet & special large wooden button as his belly button. Aww...look at his eyes...I just love that handsome face with innocent eyes!

She is Judy....my precious little one! She is made by a talented Malaysian Artist ~ Tako @ Evangelione. I have admired her works for sometimes and finally managed to get one recently. ** Judy has been to Paris before she made her way to my home sweet home...:) **

I must say that she is even prettier in person and not forget to mention her little travelling suitcase.....very unique! My little girl tried to 'snatch' her from me a couple of times but failed! And she's even tried to 'persuade' me to give over Judy as her birthday present "in advance" ~ in fact, her coming birthday is on September 2010....haha!

Well, this Fatty Girl just joined my collections 2 months ago. Her name is Elleandra, a heavy & chubby elephant which is created by famous doll artist ~ Jan Shackelford. Elleandra does has her original vintage dress, but I prefer she stays naked with only her old diaper on.

Ohh...look at the VINTAGE doll buggy. What do you think? This is a Hard-To-Find item(still new in the box)....I was lucky enough to get it from Ebay.com.

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February 1, 2010

又是娃衣…… :)

这些是较早前缝制的娃衣……都被外国的朋友买下啦! 我最喜欢缝制这种传统的Pinafore Set。 简单又可爱!

I made these tiny Pinafore Set & Dress sometimes ago. All these are for 12" to 15" dolls to wear. All of them are sold to U.S doll friends.

Back of the Pinafore.

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