March 9, 2010

My Very First Handmade Clutch

My very first handmade Clutch! This is the first time I try to make a bag from the sewing pattern. Of course, I wasn't sure about my skill in making it, so I have chose a piece of normal (not expensive) fabric to work in slowly. The whole process was kind a slow, well, I should say Very Slow but Fun. And finally, I'm done!

I'll work on a new clutch (same pattern but smaller size) with beautiful fabrics soon.

第一次尝试做包包……感觉真的很好! 有很大的满足感! 第一次做,当然得用普通的布料啦,就算有什么冬瓜豆腐都不会心痛嘛。 我在早前就爱上了这类型的包包,所以当我有了这纸型, 就迫不及待的开工缝制这个Clutch。 整个过程超级慢,但出来的成绩还不错。 只可惜……这布料就是呈现不出我要的美感! 这还用说的外布和里布都是用普通布,当然没有那种"Feel" 啦!


Back of the Clutch.

Inside of the Clutch.


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