November 15, 2010

Tell Tales Cafe In My Miniature World

Let me present you my Dollhouse Miniature Cafe ~ Tell Tales Cafe

Side view of the cafe

Back view of the cafe

My favorite Buns

The act of comparing....

Handmade Coffee Machine - I hope it looks real to you...

See, I haven't finished my cup of coffee and look at my loaf of bread (halfway through) can tell how busy I was in the morning.

My cozy corner where I used to rest after the busy hours....

Colourful cups made by Polymer Clay.

Variety of homemade cakes (cupcakes), breads & macaroons.

My Big Old Tree.

Basket full of yummy buns & breads.

Old railway sleepers lead your way...



  1. Dear,

    it's awesome~
    oh my..

    You do it all by your own or DIY material pack?

    How I wish I can do one doll house my own.

  2. i am so regret that i didnt attend the pipit wonderful market / dollhouse exhibition..
    wish that i can see this in real.. =(

  3. Nana, I did this cafe for the dollhouse exhibition last Saturday @ Pipit. Come and join us lah....we can explore the world of miniatures together! :)

  4. oma omg!super duper cute.It's that collectible

  5. Omg, really pretty and tiny!!! How long did u use to make this?:D

  6. Thanks Izyan, Kikiree & Beii for your compliments. I really appreciate that!

  7. I'm completely in love with your little cafe! Now I have to make my own one, you have been my inspiration...

  8. Hi Montse, thanks for the compliments! :)