December 31, 2009

Dream Catcher Fairy

Posie ~ Dream Catcher Fairy

她是我最喜欢的作品之一……也是较早前的作品。 Posie 拥有一头棕红色的头发及花绿色的翅膀。 看看那有趣的蘑菇……它可是精灵们最喜爱的休息站哦! 我本身也喜欢这蘑菇的造型,所以在那时候制造了不少这类型的蘑菇。

"Posie" ~ My dream catcher fairy was made by me years ago. Sitting on a Soft & Cozy Mushroom top with her flowery green organza wings, she's just as you'd imagine a fairy at the bottom of the garden!

Posie大约只有5.5cm 高。
She measures about 5.5cm tall in her sitting position.

Posie has wild auburn hair adorned with little white daisy headpiece and she loved to carry her dolly with her all the time.


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