January 4, 2010

Felt Delights ~ 不织布小玩意


最近买了一些不织布, 尝试做些小可爱来玩玩……。 结果紫色的小娃娃和猫头鹰被妹妹和女儿‘霸’了过去,剩下红色的胖娃娃。

These 'babies' are made by felt. This is the first time I use felt to create thing, and I was having great time in making them as they are easy to handle and does not fray. I'm going to use printed fabric applique with felt and finished with tiny little pearls or bead for the next project.

My very first felt doll....a big fat girl.

Little Asian Girl

Little Grey Owl with poseable wings ~ just the right size to go with any mobile phone....hehe.

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