January 10, 2010

Feltgeddy Annie

Feltgeddy Annie

第一个乡村娃娃终于诞生啦! 我用了不织布来缝制她的头和眼睛, 头发就用红毛线 (因为典型的乡村娃娃都是这样子的嘛)。

我一直以来都比较喜欢‘古典造型’的东西,无形中我也收集了不少早期的的娃娃、 布料、鞋子及各式的装饰品。 乡村娃娃一直都是我的最爱,所以乘着现在还‘兴致勃勃’的当下就快快动手微妙!

This is my very first Raggeddy Annie Doll. I used felt for her face and eyes....and I was having fun in creating her!

She is about 3.5 inches tall.

See that little 'Rich Girl' beside Annie? She has put on her cute little ivory flower and it's perfect on her!

Don't Laugh when you see this.....My first attempt to do a Raggeddy Anne Doll but failed! She turned out like a Combo of Ginger Bread Doll & Raggeddy Anne.

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